Landscaping, Lawn Seeding, and other Yard Maintainence

Sometimes trimming and mowing isn't enough to keep your yard looking it's best.

Properly designed patios, walkways, and walls add structure and visual interest to your yard. Cutters uses quality materials to help create or refresh existing landscapes. Here is just a sample of what we are capable of...

Landscape Installation

  • Landscape walls, retention walls, and other erosion prevention
  • Path installation, landscape ornaments, etc.
  • Shrubs, plants, flowers, etc.

Landscape Restoration and Maintenance

  • Mulching, edging, and other Lawn Maintenance
  • Trim trees and shrubs, remove dead limbs, and maintain other plants
  • Assess, repair, and/or replace crumbling retention walls

Lawn Seeding and Sodding

  • We can seed or sod a full yard in no time at all.
  • Whether it's a new yard or a lawn restoration, we can make your lawn look amazing.

Small Tree and Shrub

  • Small tree and shrub trimming
  • Small tree and shrub installation
  • Small tree and shrub removal

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